The AIM Golf Academy provides a unique holistic approach to coaching our players.  We treat each of our academy members as athletes and work as a team to bring out the best in each individual.  We will use Trackman 4, the V1 Pressure Mat and V1 video analysis to provide data to set a baseline for our golfer’s game.  This baseline is used to design a customized plan to achieve each golfer’s individual goals.  

We strive to improve our golfer’s health and well being at AIM Golf Academy.  Our founder and Director of Instruction, Brandon McLeod has partnered with Honsberger Physiotherapy and Lou Berkovits, a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador and fitness trainer to provide a complete approach to coaching and teaching golf.  AIM has developed a golf movement program to help our players move better, get stronger and as a result play the game better.

Our monthly members will have access to our golf movement program.  Lou will lead weekly movement clinics and workshops designed to improve our players flexibility, mobility, strength, body awareness and breath control.  


“As Head Coach of the University of Guelph men’s and women’s golf team, Brandon McLeod was an energizing, passionate and positive influence for the student athletes who benefited greatly from his knowledge of the game of golf, the importance of teamwork, and his ability to create a cohesive and fun environment.  This environment allowed them to develop wonderful memories of their university athletic experience, and learn important life skills.” 

Tim O’Connor

Golf & Performance Coach

Head Coach, University of Guelph golf team

Co-Host Swing Thoughts podcast

Meet The AIM Team

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Brandon McLeod

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Director of Instruction

Founder of AIM Golf Academy at Royal Ashburn


Lou Berkovits

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Director of AIM Movement program

Pilates, Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Royal Ashburn Golf Club Whitby - 2020-12

Kevin Honsberger

Owner and Founder of 

Honsberger Physiotherapy clinics